A 100% Mexican company founded in September 1st, 2005.  We provide technical assistance to private companies and government agencies through our products offered for asphalt pavements preventive maintenance, from roads to sports courts.

Historically, quality has been sacrificed for Price in this field and one of the striking underlying facts is bad roads conditions; we think differently!  

We are active agents to change the way in asphalts pavements maintenance in a more safe way, long lasting and saving huge money amounts.

Our products catalog includes domestic manufacturing product and imported products. This contain: Pavement sealers; asphalt pavement sealers / coal tar; cracks sealers; ecological paint for roads marking; sports surfacing; in addition to products for maintenance and repair, machinery and equipment.

For many years in our clients’ portfolio have been well-known companies with whom we have provided specialized technical assistance and products prompt supply for maintenance of hundredths of square meters of asphalts.